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Our Excel eTip's are innovative 1 minute tutorials designed for the busy accountant.

The eTip will give you a quick but intuitive overview of a particular task and we will be adding new eTips each week. Our aim is to cater for all accountants, from beginners to advanced Excel users. Each eTip includes narration so you will need speakers or earphones and you will also need Flash 7 installed.

This weeks New eTip

How to use a data entry form
How to filter a list of records
All eTips
1. Copy a formula while keeping one reference fixed
2. Turn a vertical range of cells on its side
3. How to join two text columns
4. How to calculate a loan payment
5. How to round prices to the next highest €5
6. How to count records that match a criteria
7. How to seperate a customers full name into first name & surname
8. How to create a series of random numbers between a specified range
9. How to rank scores
10. How to calculate a compound annual growth rate
11. Change page settings across many worksheets
12. Copy rows, columns or cells from one worksheet to many worksheets
13. How to calculate sales over target
14. How to match two seperate lists
15. How to use a data entry form
16. How to filter a list of records