Issue 122- 08/03/11
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Welcome to Issue 122 of the Newsletter bringing you the latest Accountancy & Business news.

As always we invite your feedback in relation to these articles and also any other topics that you would like to see covered.

Kindest Regards,

Des O'Neill

Top Stories
Are your Developers & Apartment Management Clients Ready for the New Multi-Unit Development Act?

The Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 was signed into law on 24 January 2011 by President McAleese. Two sections of the Act (Section 14 & 32) have already been commenced. The Commencement Order for the remaining sections of the Act were signed on 2 March 2011...........

International Accounting Rules for Groups
IFRS 3(revised) is a further step in the process of converging International and US standards. The revision results in significant changes in accounting for groups. It applies to accounting periods beginning on or after 1 July 2009..............
Mileage Expense Calculations
If you are personally travelling to and attending meetings, seminars or other work related events then you are incurring costs on behalf of your employer. A failure to properly record and claim for these costs can mean that you are effectively paying more tax than required under law. The current top rate of income tax and universal social charge should incentivise people to be disciplined in terms of correctly recording and claiming their expenses..........
Review of Programme for Government
The Programme for Government of the Fine Gael / Labour coalition was published on 6 March 2011. It sets out the broad policy areas of the incoming Irish Government for the next 5 years, and is wide ranging in application. We have prepared below a summary of the fiscal proposals contained in the Programme, comparing them to the parties' respective manifestos...............
Anatomy of the Referral

Referrals are and always have been something of a mystery. On the one hand, most professional advisors say that referrals are their one best source of new business. On the other hand, only a small percentage of clients actually provide referrals. And while a majority of clients are satisfied with the relationship, very few take the next step and share that information with friends and family...............


APB issues a revision of ISA (UK and Ireland) 700 'The Auditor's Report on Financial Statements'

The revision of ISA (UK and Ireland) 700 which is effective for audits of United Kingdom entities for periods ending on or after 23 March 2011: Amends the short form description of the scope of an audit to refer to the auditor’s responsibility under ISAs (UK and Ireland) to read all the financial and non-financial information in the annual report to identify material inconsistencies with the financial statements...........

Pensions – Navigating Through Challenging Times

The pensions landscape has significantly altered with changes to the tax relief afforded to pensions announced during Budget 2011 (7 December 2010) and confirmed in Finance Act 2011. These changes will potentially impact anyone that is providing for their personal pension, as well as employers, and therefore requires immediate attention.................

Proposed New Bankruptcy Legislation
The Law Reform Commission's Report on Personal Debt Management and Debt Enforcement was launched in December 2010. The Report's recommendations include the establishment of a Debt Enforcement Office which would oversee throughout the State the proposed new non-judicial debt settlement arrangements. It is proposed that the the Debt Enforcement Office...............
Incorporating Your Accountancy Practice

Incorporating Your Practice - The Tax Issues

Incorporating Your Practice - The Company Law & Company Secretarial Issues

Incorporating Your Practice - The Regulatory Issues


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