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Income Tax Return Forms 2011
By Revenue Commissioners
Feb 28, 2012

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General issue of Income Tax forms 2011

The general issue of the Income Tax return forms for the year 2011 will take place shortly.

Form 11 – different versions

There are three different versions of the Income Tax return forms for self-assessed individuals for 2011: Form 11, Form 11E and Form 11S.

  • The Form 11 is the most complete version of the individual's tax return form. It contains fields on all sources of income and all deductions, allowances, reliefs and credits. This is primarily a ROS form. There will be no printed version of this form and it will not be sent out as part of the general issue of forms. However, there will be a pdf version available on the Revenue website.
  • The Form 11E has expanded this year and is the most complete version of the form that will be printed. The only fields dropped from this version of the form 11 are those that make an individual a mandatory e-filer, such as Restriction of Reliefs panel, Foreign Life Policies, Offshore Funds, etc.
  • The Form 11S is a new form. This is the shortest and simplest of the Income Tax return forms. It will be sent to a targeted audience of customers whose affairs are not overly complex. There will be no printed stock version of this form, nor will the form be available on the Revenue website.

ROS customers

If the taxpayer is a ROS customer or is a mandatory e-filer (or will be a mandatory e-filer after phase 4 of the mandatory e-filing programme) no paper forms will issue.

Partnerships & Trusts

There will be no general issue of either the Form 1(Firms) or the Form 1 as both partnerships and trusts are mandatory e-filers since the 1 June 2011.

Exclusions from mandatory e-filing

As there are no printed versions of the Form 11, Form 1, or Form 1(Firms) these customers will not be sent a return of income form. A customer who has received an exclusion from mandatory e-filing should either download a form from the Revenue website or request a form from their Revenue office.

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