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FRC issues its Plan and Budget for 2013 to 2016
By The Financial Reporting Council
May 14, 2013

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The FRC has releases its Plan and Budget 2013/16 following a period of consultation.
The FRC underwent significant reform in 2012 which saw the organisation transformed into a fully integrated body with new powers to act decisively and proportionately when new risks arise. The Plan sets out the overarching goal to build trust and foster investment through effective regulation, developing a stronger voice in Europe and internationally whilst delivering better value for money for levy payers.
Focussing on UK strengths
The Plan sets out an agenda aligned with the need to maintain the UK’s competitiveness in world markets and contribute to recovery. In an economic environment where the focus has moved from immediate crisis to an emphasis on growth, the FRC will look to foster investment by ensuring that the strengths of the UK are recognised and reinforced.
We recognise that the FRC’s work does not fit into neat yearly cycles. This Plan is, for the first time, based on a longer, three year, time horizon enabling the FRC to focus on how it and its stakeholders move forward in line with the shifting UK and European agenda.
FRC CEO Stephen Haddrill said:
“We recognise that confidence in markets and companies remains critical for investors and longer term economic recovery. Our vision is of a future where the needs of investors are fully aligned with the corporate governance and approach to corporate reporting by companies and their auditors.”
The FRC is mindful of the economic pressures faced by our stakeholders, having absorbed the impact of significant Government spending cuts and managed our work in recent years with no increases in levies. However, with new demands, especially internationally we have set a budget for 2013/14 that enables us to discharge our obligations more effectively. Most companies will still not see a rise in the levy above inflation.

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